Organized love called Valentine

Now a days love reigns supreme; it’s everywhere, on the idiot box, on radio shows, trashy songs and exploitative marketing and urbania is drifting away in an oscular hysteria. It appears that Cupid has shaken hands with the prophets of neo-liberalism. It is portrayed as one may fall into or come across by a matter of chance or better as a commodity that could be purchased or exchanged in market.

The widespread appeal of Anglo-Saxon individualistic model, where people follow their own aims detaching themselves from rest of society reflects deep ideological and economic cleavages that divide our society. When girls schools are bombed and students are forced to stay at homes in Swat, the Valentine euphoria at a Peshawar gift shop is nothing more than sheer madness.

Recent scientific studies reveal that love is a transitory phenomenon triggered by the surge of the dopamine in human mind and usually ends with the passage of time. (National Geographic Magazine, Feb. 2006) As the euphoria dies the concord also loses its charm.

Erich Fromm calls the love “an answer to the problem of human existence”, and “an active concern for the life and growth of which we love”. Core to the phenomenon of love is “giving” not material but giving of yourself…your expressions and what is alive in you with “care, responsibility, respect and knowledge.”

Freud associated love with sex and now neo-liberalism is striving to institutionalize it or tying make the people a herd of sheep without any trace of difference in action or thought.

As  capitalism has made a commodity of man so we have to invest our lives in such a way that may bring the maximum profit and we could be able to buy everything for our happiness and love is no exception to this mindset, rather it is the core of the organized love. In the words of Fromm “ the world is a great object for our appetite, a big apple, a big bottle, a big breast; we are the sucklers, the eternally expectant ones, the hopeful ones- and eternally disappointed ones. Our character is geared to exchange and to receive, to barter and to consume; everything, spiritual as well as material object, becomes an object of exchange and consumption.”


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  1. JAzakAllah for this wonderful post!

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